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What are Keto Strips also called Ketosis Strips or Ketone Test Strips?

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Are you burning fat?

Keto test strips measure the level of urinary ketones, the markers that can indicate that your body is in ketosis / lipolysis. The strips will change pink or purple, depending upon how many ketones are present. The more ketones you excrete, the darker the shade of purple the strip will turn. Using keto test strips can be an extremely convenient aid to doing a low-carb diet. Many people find them to be a psychological aid; a support mechanism. Keto Strips are also less expensive than most brands.

Keto strips are economical, easy to use, and FDA approved.

Keto Strips also called ketone test strips come complete with directions, indicator color chart, and a  guide to how to interpret results.

Keto Strips – A Must-have for Low-Carb Dieters
Ketones are indicators that your body is in ketosis / lipolysis. Ketosis simply means that you are using your fat stores as your primary fuel source (not to be confused with keto-acidosis). The byproducts of fat metabolism are ketones. Ketones in your urine give a clear indication that you are metabolizing fat. The higher concentration of ketones in your urine, the more fat you have burned. Testing with Ketostrips help you to measure your progress. If you’re on a low-carb diet, ketone test strips are a must-have!

Ketosis, which is a perfectly normal metabolic process, is often confused with ketoacidosis, which is a life-threatening condition. Ketoacidosis is the consequence of insulin-deficient subjects having uncontrollable blood sugar levels, a condition that can occur as well in alcoholics and people in a state of extreme starvation. Ketosis and ketoacidosis may sound vaguely alike, but the two conditions are virtually polar opposites and can always be distinguished from each other by the fact that the diabetic has been consuming excessive carbohydrates and has high blood sugar, in sharp contrast to somebody on a low-carb diet.

Because every person’s metabolism is different, the strips turn different shades of purple or pink for different people. Results may vary depending upon the time of the day, whether or not you exercise and what you last ate. One should begin by testing themselves frequently in order to develop an average reading. The package label shows various colors but one should not necessarily worry about the exact level of ketosis they will find on the strip. Keto Strips are especially helpful at he start of a low-carb diet.



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