Orange Cooler

CarbsPerServing:10 total recipe



1 package sugar free orange jello

2 egg whites — beaten stiff

2 teaspoons lemon rind — grated

1 teaspoon orange extract

2 packages artificial sweetener

4 strawberries

4 ice cube

4 lemon slices

How to Prepare:

Prepare gelatin according to package directions and cool. Beat in stiff egg whites with wire whisk. Add lemon rind, orange extract, and sweetener. Place in blender. Add strawberries and ice cubes.

Blend at medium speed for 30 seconds. Pour into glasses and garnish with lemon slices.

NOTE. Most Ingredients in these recipes can be bought in good health food shops and grocery store. If you have trouble finding something, feel free to exchange, but keep track of the carbs.