Ketosis Strips Diet May be A Good Choice Is It Primes Your Body To Burn Fat As Fuel.

The Ketosis Strips otherwise known as a ketogenic diet is one where the dieter eats a food using fat as the primary fuel source. Initially developed for the treatment of seizure disorders it has become a top-rated weight loss program. It gets its name from the ketones that your body makes to consume for fuel. While this seems to counter conventional wisdom is eating ketosis strips may very well be the best way to lose weight. We will explore some of the reasons why.

One reason a ketosis strips diet may be a good choice is it primes your body to burn fat as fuel. Our bodies use either carbohydrates or fat as fuel. Now we use both of these abilities every day but in general what we have been eating predisposes us to primarily burning one or the other for fuel. So if we are eating mostly carbohydrates for fuel, then our body has produced all the necessary enzymes and co-factors to use carbs as fuel. This makes it harder to burn fat as a fuel. So as a dieter we want to make it easy to burn fat as fuel so by eating fat as a primary fuel, we prime our bodies to burn fat whether it comes from our diet or our bodies.

What is the Ketosis Strips diet?

The next reason I would like to talk about is hunger. One reason that we have been told that it is best to eat carbohydrates or protein instead of fat has nine calories per gram where carbohydrates and protein only have four calories per gram. While this is true, it makes the false assumption that they ought to satisfy your hunger equally which is not the case. Fats make you feel fuller longer.

The third reason a ketosis strips diet could be your best choice is that of your hormones. Did you remember that nearly all of your hormones use fat as making blocks? Without these essential hormones your body will signal that your body is in a state of crisis and try to keep you from losing weight.

But when your body is hormonally balanced, it will allow you to lose weight a lot easier than if you are fighting your biology. While there are multiple hormones required in this method one I would wish to suggest is explicitly Leptin. Leptin is a hormone that is produced by fat on the body to signal the hypothalamus how much body fat we are carrying. When we gain weight, it is partially because this signal has been blocked. Since the hypothalamus doesn’t get the signal, it thinks we are in a starvation mode and puts the body into a state to preserve calories. Ketosis strips have been shown to reverse this process.

These are just a few of the reasons why a ketosis diet may be the best choice for weight loss. Even if you are doubtful, I would suggest you give it a try. It might just be the thing that has been missing to kick-start your weight loss.

Ketogenic Diet Plan

A Ketogenic Diet Plan is one that puts the dieter in ketosis which is a state in the body where you are using ketones for fuel. This has several advantages you can read about on the ketosis diet page. You might be wondering how to put together a successful ketogenic diet plan? Well, that’s what this article is all about.

First, you want to start with the right kind of fats. For eating fewer carbs purposes, your eating regimen should comprise of 60-70 per cent fat. For a sound ketogenic eating routine arrangement, you can look over a few changed sources. The best sources for fats are unrefined coconut oil and pastured butter and gee. You should avoid industrial seed oils such as corn and canola oil. You should also avoid most nut butter. They are high in omega six fatty acids. Now obviously you aren’t going to be eating all your facts straight but eating a lot of meats containing fat.

Protein should make up 25-30 percent of your diet. Your first decision ought to be fatty cuts of grass-nourished ruminants, for example, meat, sheep, elk, and buffalo. The reason you need them to be grass fed is that when they are forced fed corn in a feedlot, it changes the Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA) content in the meat. I am sure that you have heard about omega three fatty acid’s. The ones that are good for you well they are a PUFA found in meat. You may not have heard of omega six fatty acids. Omega six fatty acids are also a PUFA found in beef.

Omega Six Fatty

The problem that occurs is that in grass-fed ruminants you usually get a 1:4 ratio of omega three to omega six fatty acids. At the point when the ruminant is coercively fed corn in a feedlot that rate transforms into a 1:20 proportion of omega 3 to omega six unsaturated fats. Omega six fatty acids are pro-inflammatory and are a necessary part of the diet, but in our modern society we get way too many of them, and that leaves us in a state of chronic inflammation. This inflammation may have an adverse effect when it comes to weight loss. It has been hypothesized that it hinders the hormone leptin from achieving the hypothalamus, so our body never perceives that we are overweight. Lamentably, grass-nourished ruminants can be elusive.

One system to battle this is to eat standard cuts of meat from the store, however, pick less fatty cuts and balance the leanness with the grass-sustained margarine or coconut oil. You may be wondering about omnivores such as pigs. Well, pigs don’t have a favourable fatty acid content, but the material isn’t as affected by our farming activities, so a little is not going to hurt. The final fat source is eggs. Your first choice should be farm eggs, but if you can’t get them, the Omega 3 Eggs are probably the most significant health bargain in the store.


Now let’s talk about carbohydrates. Carbohydrates should come in mostly from vegetables. Fruits ought to be limited. Attempt to eat a considerable measure of blended greens in your eating regimen to get the organic vitamins and minerals. But wait what if I don’t like my plants? That’s why I want to try a ketogenic diet plan in the first place. The appropriate response is to eat your liver. Believe it or not you either require the vegetables or the organ meats of grass-nourished ruminants. The last line of defence would be an excellent multi Vitamin.

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