Tuna with Roasted Pepper Sauce                            

CarbsPerServing:12 total recipe




1/2 cup roasted red peppers -- 1/2 - 3/4, drained

1 1/2 teaspoons dried dill weed

2 teaspoons garlic -- fresh, finely chopped

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

1/3 cup sour cream


2 thick tuna steaks -- (1")

1 tablespoon Olive Oil

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon chili powder

How to Prepare:          

Prepare grill, heat until coals are ash white. Cut each tuna steak into 2 pieces. Combine oil, paprik & chili powder in small bowl.Brush onto both sides of tuna. Place tune on grill. Grill, turning  once, until fish flakes easily with fork (8-12 mins). Meanwhile, combine all sauce ingredients EXCEPT sour cream in 5 cup blender or  food processor fitted with metal blade. Blend at high speed until smooth (30 seconds). Pour pepper misture into 1 qt saucepan. Stir in sour cream with wire whisk. Cook over med heat until heated thru, 1-2 minutes. Spoon sauce onto serving plates, top with tuna.

NOTE. Most Ingredients in these recipes can be bought in good health food shops and grocery store. If you have trouble finding something, feel free to exchange, but keep track of the carbs.