Just take and eat directly from the freezer!

Gummy Bears CarbsPerServing:0g



1 package sugar free jello -- any flavor

6 packages gelatin powder, unsweetened -- unflavored

1/2 cup water -- cold

How to Prepare:

In a small saucepan, mix flavored and unflavored gelatin. Stir it up. Pour cold water in, stir with spatula until you have a gloppy-chunky blob, not unlike play-doh. Turn heat on medium, melt blob. Stir obsessively until melted. Pour into miniature bear molds. Stick in freezer for 10 minutes to cool. If you don't have miniature bear molds, do this: take the rack out of your toaster oven and put it on the counter. Drape a big sheet of aluminum foil over it. Cram the aluminum foil down into the gaps,leaving striplike molds. Presto! Gummy tapeworms. Yummy.