Ice Cream Cookies


TOTAL over  estimated for sweetner choice

Prep Time:5        mins 1 hour to freeze     Effort:Easy


1  cup heavy cream

3 drops Stevia or 3 splenda packets

2  tbsp  Natural Peanutbutter

4 oz Softened Cream Cheese

1  tbsp   Atkins Choc Syrup (optional)

How  to Prepare:  

Whip cream & Sweetner with a hand beater until its like coolwhiptexture. Add all the  other  ingredients and beat until well mixed..taste for   sweetness adjust  if you want.Using a spoon put big globs  on a non stick cookie sheet or in an icecube tray  and freeze until firm pry them off cookie sheet and storefrozen in a plastic bag.   They are pretty hard      to get    out of an ice tray i have to use a knifeto get em but they come off the cookie sheets realeasy..and    taste like  peanut butter cup ice cream! makes 20ish cookies Im sure this would work with other flavors as well I know some folks have problems with Peanut butter