CarbsPerServing:2 total recipe



1 pound Cooked Shrimp – Defrosted

3 ounces Butter2 teaspoons garlic — chopped – to taste

2 handfuls Pork Rinds

How to Prepare:

Whiz the pork rinds in a food processor until the consistency of breadcrumbs. Set aside.Remove the tail shells from the shrimp. Set aside.Place the butter and garlic in a pan suitable for frying/baking and saute the garlic until its starts turning clear – be careful not to burn it or it will taste bitter. Add the shrimp and saute on medium heat for about 5 minutes.Top the shrimp with the crushed pork rinds. Place the pan under the broiler for 3 or 4 minutes or until the pork rinds get crisp and brown(er).Very rich and very filling. Pork rinds actually add to the flavor instead of overpowering it. Great for a quick mid-week supper.

NOTE. Most Ingredients in these recipes can be bought in good health food shops and grocery store. If you have trouble finding something, feel free to exchange, but keep track of the carbs.