Benihana Vegetable Delight

CarbsPerServing:19 total recipe



1 ounce cauliflower — fresh, boiled

5 slices mushroom

1 ounce sliced zucchini

1 ounce snap beans — fresh, boiled

salt and pepper (optional)

1 teaspoon oil

1 ounce carrot — fresh, cooked

2 ounces sliced onion

2 ounces broccoli — fresh, boiled

1 teaspoon white wine

1/4 lime

1 teaspoon butter — optional

How to Prepare:

Coat one side of a square foot of damp rice paper with oil and butter.Combine ingredients with 2 teaspoons water. Place in paper and wrap tightly.Cook seven minutes (turning once) in heated non-stick skillet until paper expands. For electric skillet, start at 300 F and raise temperature to 360F.Place paper on plate and cut open with scissors. Use caution air insidepaper is very hot. Makes one serving.