Chocolate Praline Bar

Chocolate Praline Bar


CarbsPerServing:6g carbs total



1 ounce unsweetened

baking chocolate – or semisweet

2 ounces Unsalted Butter

4 tablespoons Peanut Butter

1 tablespoon heavy cream — to taste, optional

Splenda to taste (optional if using semisweetened)

4 ounces nuts — ground or finely chopped in grinder

How to Prepare:

Melt chocolate in Microwave and stir, add butter and PB, melt ans stir to combine. Heat only util just melted. Add cream and Splenda if using. Grind nuts and stir in. Spread into large thin slab on baking paper on a tray and freeze for a couple of hours. Cut into small squares and store in bag or box.. I get at least 40 squares less than 0.5g each ! They are very rich so I just find 1 or 2 a night are enough to satisfy my sweet craving. I eat them straight from the freezer, they keep their Îcrispâ that way. Notes for UK dieters (Sainsbury’s Luxury Continental Belgian Dark has 24g for whole 100g bar). Waitroseâs only has 32g so itâs not bad and I find I do not need the Splenda with it. Lindt 85% Excellence is also good

NOTES : Counts for Splenda not included in totals.

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