Beginner Keto Diet Food Plan

Beginner Keto Foods Diet Plan

A Ketogenic diet is very nutritious if you follow it in the right way. Your keto foods diet should include real foods and more amount of vegetables especially the greens. It mainly aims to allow ketosis which is a process in which your body fat is burned and converted to energy.

How does a beginner Keto foods diet plan look?

Depending on individuals, health aspects, their goal, and the financial conditions, your diet may vary. A great way to check if you are burning fat on a keto diet, use ketosis strips.  But having real foods and minimizing the intake of processed food is the same for all. Ketogenic diet should have:

  • Low carbohydrates
  • A High amount of fat
  • Moderate protein
Keto Diet Food Pyramid
Keto Diet Food Pyramid

Balancing energy: though you may find various ways of following a ketogenic diet, here you can find the best one that is more suitable for diabetic people who are looking forward to reducing their sugar levels while losing their excess weight.

Carbohydrate: its intake should be very low. To maintain ketosis the amount of carbohydrate intake should be less than 50g.

Protein: the intake of protein shouldn’t be more than 40-50gm a day if it’s for women and for men 50-60g per day. These values are just rough guidelines to follow the diet. If you are overweight and are struggling hard to lose weight then make sure to check your protein intake.

Fat: you can have fat in this diet. There is no restriction for it but the only thing to remember is that you should eat in between the specified meals during the diet.

The low carb veggies: the most common thing which you can find in a majority of the diet plans is the inclusion of vegetables with a very good amount of nutrients. You should make sure to have vegetables at each meal of the day. The best way to take veggies is in the form of salads wherein you can dress them with a good amount of fat. Your dressings could include olive oil, butter or other kinds of nuts. You can also restrict the carbohydrates content by opting for those veggies which have very low carbohydrate contents like tomatoes, leafy vegetables, etc.

The non-starchy vegetables like 150gm of boiled broccoli contain 5g of carbohydrates while starchy root vegetables like 150gm of sweet corn have 30gms.

Eggs and meat: on a keto foods diet you can have a good amount of fatty meat like lamb, pork belly and poultry along with the skin. An egg has very low carbohydrate but still, they are good fillers with enough proteins. It’s important for you not to take more amounts of protein and moderate the intake of meat. When you have high protein intake your liver might convert the protein to glucose.

Fish: fish is a good source of protein. You can also find omega 3 fatty acids in most of the oily fishes like salmon, sardines, mackerel, trout or the herring. It’s very important for you to have enough quantity of the fatty fish as it would enhance the health of your heart and long life.

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