Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate 1CarbsPerServing:13 total recipe Effort:Easy Ingredients: 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa 2 teaspoons vanilla 2 tablespoons water 5 packages artificial sweetener How to Prepare: Combine cocoa, sugar substitute, and water. Mix well, and cook over medium heat stirring constantly until it boils. Stir in vanilla. Store in refrigerator. Add 1 tbsp. of mixture to 5 …

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Chicken Enchilada Stuff

Chicken Enchilada Stuff                 Serves:2,7,10 CarbsPerServing:9-10 Prep Time:20 minutes Effort:Easy Ingredients:                                     1 large chicken breast, diced 1 T chopped onion ½ green pepper, chopped salt, pepper, onion powder, nutmeg to taste 2   cloves garlic, sliced  or crushed jalapeno pepper, chopped (optional) Sauce 4 oz cream cheese 2 T heavy cream 2   T butter 1T cheese Whiz …

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Zuccini Pizza

Zuccini Pizza       Serves:1,—–Select—–,10 CarbsPerServing:2 Prep Time:5 minutes Effort:Easy Ingredients: 1 small zuccini PepperoniMozzerella cheese Salsa How to Prepare: Slice a baby zuccini length wise into 3 or 4 slices, top with pepperoni, cheese and salsa. Heat in the microwave for about 2 minutes or until cheese starts to melt. Remove and enjoy. NOTE. Most Ingredients …

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bacon wrapped pork chops

bacon wrapped pork chops         Serves:4,10 CarbsPerServing:1.5 Prep Time:15 minutes Ingredients: Effort:Easy 4 pork chops, sliced onion, sliced green pepper, baconsalt & pepper, crushed red pepper (optional) How to Prepare: season pork with salt, pepper, and red pepper. Place on each chop, 1 slice of onion and green pepper wrap bacon around chop (toothpick will hold …

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Peanut Cole Slaw

Peanut Cole Slaw             CarbsPerServing:26g total Effort:Easy Ingredients:                                       1 Medium Head  Cabbage ½ Cup peanuts – I use spanish salted 1 Cup Sour Cream 1/2 Cup mayonnaise  Sweetener How to Prepare:                               In food processor chop cabbage semi fine. Remove and process peanuts until chopped    coarsely (be careful not to process too long or you’ll have peanut …

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