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5 Tips for the Keto Diet

The full form of keto diet is ketogenic diet. Ketones are formed in the body if the diet is based on fewer carbs and a modest quantity of protein. Ketones are puny fuel molecules produced through the metabolism of fat. Ketos then become the main source of energy. The hunger sensation is curtailed because of appetite-suppressing effect. Ketos are a substitute fuel source for the body. The body falls on ketos when blood sugar is in less supply. The ketogenic diet has fewer carbs, high in fat. Doctors recommend this type of diet. This diet leading to the state of ketosis should be taken under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist.

Ketones are manufactured from fat with the help of the liver. Ketones become a fuel source for the whole body more so for the brain. The brain uses a large quantity of energy every day. It can’t function on fats as such. However, it can survive on glucose or ketones.  Once on keto diet, the fat burning supplies fuel all the 24-hours. The fat stores of the body are also utilized with ease. A keto diet cannot be done indefinitely.

Tips for a Keto Diet

1) Curtail carbs in the diet

Low carb diet is the first step to achieve your goal. This leads to glycogen depletion in the body and insulin hormone also.  In such a condition fatty acid are liberated from fat stores accumulated in the body. The liver transforms a portion of the fatty acids into ketones, acetoacetate, acetone, as well as beta-hydroxybutyrate. Once this state is achieved an intake of puny amount of carbs can be added. The level of ketosis should stay intact. The diet is individualized under expert guidance. The range of carbs is not done arbitrarily. People who wish to reduce heart disease danger also opt for this diet.

2) Addition of coconut oil

Consuming coconut oil aids ketosis because the fat type in this oil is medium-chain triglycerides and fat called lauric acid. Comparatively, lauric acid is metabolized slowly which is good. These are quickly absorbed and reach the liver. Here they are either used as energy or changed to ketones. This method is utilized for patients with Alzheimer’s disease or nervous disorders and epileptic children. Coconut oil is gradually added in the diet to keep at abeyance digestive cramps and diarrhea. The beginning is made with 2-3 tablespoon on a daily basis.

3) Attempt brief fast else fat fast

Do not eat for many hours to achieve ketosis. Several individuals experience mild ketosis between dinner and breakfast. Epilepsy children get seizure control through fast for 24-48 hours and then a keto diet begins. Intermittent fasting is consistent short term fast to begin ketosis. Fat fasting is another method. Many obese patients are benefitted by it. Low calorie and excess fat consumption get ketosis state rapidly. Fat fast diet has low protein as well as calories should be adhered for 2-5 days to prevent excessive muscle loss.

4) Enough protein consumption

Excessive protein intake is not required. Some of the body cells like red blood cells, part of kidney and brain live only on glucose. Cancer patients are given such a diet. Muscle mass must be maintained.

5) Ketone levels monitored and adjusted

Customize the ketone levels. The trio ketones acetone, beta-hydroxybutyrate as well as acetoacetate are measurable through breath by ketones. Keto strips  are urine strips that measure the amount of ketones. The results are reliable. Urine ketones elevate during early morning and dinner.  Keto diet adjustment is made accordingly.




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