3 steps to Keto diet

Keto Strips: 3 Easy & Fast Steps to Starting the Keto Diet

I wrote the quick guide after many of my friends and family asked me how I lost so much fast.  Most people don’t believe it’s possible to lose serious weight (over 20LBS) within months.  

Starting the ketogenic diet is easy and fast.I lost over 10lbs the first week on Keto Diet!In the beginning, you should get results without counting calories or adding additional excise.You must observe everything you eat/drink and eat a strict ketogenic diet that is 65% fat, 30% protein and 5% carbs.

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Here are three steps to start the Keto Diet today:

1. Eat only green vegetables, meats, and seafood.  You can eat eggs, beef, chicken, sausage, fish, shrimp, but stay away from highly processed meat such as deli meats or ham.  Great vegetables to eat are avocados, green beans, bell peppers, broccoli, lettuce, and spinach.

2. Stop eating carbs and sugars.  Including bread, starchy vegetables, rice, potatoes, crackers, grains, fruit, processed food, sugar, soda, etc.  Keep your daily carb count to 25 grams.  To start burning your “fat,” you must keep your total carb count below 25 grams.  When looking at the “Nutrition Facts” label, you will see “Total Carbohydrate” number, subtract any carbs that are “fiber” and this will be the total number of carbohydrates in that food.

3. Eat good fats to burn fat.  One of the reasons why people fail to lose weight on Keto is because they eat only protein. Good fats include olive oil, nut oils, seed oils, coconut oil, lard, linseed oil, butter, the fat found in meat.  Stay away from “fat-free” foods as most take out the “fat” and add in “sugars.”

Ketosis Strips
Ketosis Strips

Additional tips:

• Keto-Test Strips: A cheap and effective way to see if your body is in “ketosis” and burning fat.Here are some on Amazon.

• Perfect Keto: It is not necessary for ketosis, but it puts your body into ketosis very quickly vs waiting a day or more. Can be bought at Amazon.

• Butter in Coffee: Many people have had success increasing fat burn by putting butter in coffee. Read More

• Exercise: Try and hit the gym or workout 3 days a week for 30 minutes each day.

• Drink Water: It sounds simple but drinking water will help increase your metabolism and lessen your hunger.

• Watch Carbs: You can eat limited nuts, dairy and beans.It is very important that you read the label for carbs and serving size.A handful of nuts could destroy your diet!

• Lettuce Wraps:  Get a piece of Romain lettuce and place your choice of meat, piece of cheese, avocado and mustard.Cheap and super yummy.Depending on your meat and physical size, you can have several of these.Many restaurants now serve “bunless” versions of burgers and sandwiches.

• Special Ice Cream Alternative Treat: Whipped creamI recommend having the one that comes in the bottle as it is lower carbs.

• Coffee & Soda: Many people recommend stopping all caffeine.However, my experience is that it helped with initial sluggish feeling when starting Keto.Keep it limited and be careful about creamers and sweeteners.I recommend Stevia over Splenda.

If you enjoyed the “3 Steps to Start the Keto Diet,” please consider purchasing the “Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Plan” where I provide more details, 1000 recipes, grocery shopping list and more.

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